Cold Weather Extension Cords for Winter Projects and Job Sites

Summer came and went and through it all, you didn't give a thought to the extension cords your crew were using. After all, they worked just fine, so why would you?

Then the temperatures dropped. Fall became winter, and the cords that worked so well all summer are now stiff as a board. In fact, they're virtually useless on the job.

Under these conditions, whether you want the snow blower to reach the curb at home or the generator out of earshot on the job site, pick a Bad Ass Cold Weather Extension Cord.

Our heavy duty cold weather cords are built with special SJEOW elastomer insulation and jacketing in order to maintain working flexibility in temperatures down to -58°F. To reduce tripping hazards, their bright, colorful outer jackets (available in green, blue, yellow or pink) stand out against snow and ice. For added safety these cords feature power and ground check lights.

Don’t let winter slow you down. When the temperature drops and the job calls, grab a Bad Ass Cold Weather Cord!

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