Profanity Policy Page

Greetings fellow foul-mouthed, blue joke loving, seven dirty word slangin’, F bomb dropping, connoisseur of colorful language. Us and you, we’re kindred spirits who love a good expletive as much as the next Bad Ass.

Still, we had to draw some lines between what we’re down with in casual conversation, and what can be printed in forever ink on our cords. The following guidelines help identify some of these areas.

Even with the list below, this is still a subjective policy – so we could reject your custom print whether or not it’s explicitly on the list. Our rule of thumb is "Make it Bad Ass, but keep it respectful."


  • The Seven Deadly Words*
    • If you’re not familiar with these you can read about them on Wikipedia. We’re also big fans of George Carlin’s famous routine.
    • * Some of the seven deadly words are worse than others; for example if you wanted to say "This cord is the sh*t," we would not object. It all comes down to context, so use your judgement.
  • "Tory" Language
    • Even if a statement does not contain profanities, we will still reject it if the meaning (implied or stated) is derogatory, inflammatory, or stridulatory.
    • Yes, these definitions are broad and vague. Lawyers are the OGs where CYA is concerned.
  • Anything Else We Don’t Like
    • Honestly, there’s not much we won’t print. Provided you check off the two points above, and you’re not blatantly using someone else’s trademarked slogan you should be good to go.