RV Extension Cords

RV Extension Cords

RV Cords provide you with the perfect solution when your RV is not able to reach any available power pedestals. Having an RV extension cord ensures that you can enjoy the use of all of... Read More

RV Cords provide you with the perfect solution when your RV is not able to reach any available power pedestals. Having an RV extension cord ensures that you can enjoy the use of all of the electrical appliances in the motor home, by extending the reach of the shore power cable. Our exclusive line of RV cords is available in various colors, lengths and gauges and feature heavy-duty molded on right angle plugs and Pro Grip™ handles that are built into both plug and connector ends to help pull out the cord ends from outlets with ease. Whichever one you choose, it’s sure to make your typical road trip from basic to Bad Ass.

What You Need To Know About The Best RV Extension Cord


Size Matters 

Available in a variety of sizes, as determined by their gauge and length, different cables are suited to different types (sizes) of motorhomes. 

The gauge/thickness of the wires in the cable has a direct influence on the amp rating. Thicker wires are normally denoted by lower gauge (AWG) numbers; and can carry higher amounts of current. 

A cable’s amp rating is also dependent on its length. In essence, any increase in length results in an increase in the level of resistance therein; meaning that you can expect longer cables to have lower amp ratings, if the gauge remains constant. 

The smallest motorhomes normally have a 15A amp rating, which increases to 30A for medium sized variants and 50A for the largest ones, equipped with all the comforts of home. The right product should not only be long enough to comfortably reach power pedestals in most camping sites, but should also have the right wire gauge/thickness to ensure that it’s amp rating matches that of the RV’s shore cable. 

If you use a cable whose amp rating is lower than your motor home’s rating, you risk overloading the cable; and with it, expose yourself and everyone else in the vicinity to an elevated fire safety risk.  


Heavy-Duty Construction For The Strongest Connections

The best RV extension cord is guaranteed to make strong connections. A cracked outer jacket, plugs and connectors that pull away from the cable and corroded or rusted prongs can lead to poor connections. 

To prevent the many safety risks linked with poor/weak connections, you should look for a solution that comes with features such as strong cold weather outer jacket that’s resistant to cracking when exposed to extreme outdoor conditions and highly resistant to overheating; molded plugs and connectors; as well as corrosion and rust resistant pre-insulated conductors. 


Safe And Easy To Use 

Additional innovative features such as Pro Grip™ Handles and Power Transmission and Ground continuity indicator lights – on the plug and connector – make for easy and effortless use. With these features, a simple visual check on the plug and connector will let you know if there’s power and ground continuity, when the cable is connected; afterwards, when it’s time to disconnect the cable, the fold-away handles on the plug and connectors will help you do so easily, safely and quickly. 


Always Use High Quality Products 

Camping should be a relaxing and fun activity that helps you enjoy everything that the great outdoors has to offer. To keep your mind at ease, and ensure that you enjoy all the benefits of owning a motorhome kitted out with all of the electrical trappings of modern life, whenever you are forced to use an extension cable to connect to an external power source, choose your perfect fit from the high quality variety at Bad Ass Extension Cords.



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