Colored Extension Cords Offer More Than Bright Colors

Colored extension cords offer more than bright colors.

Some people love the idea of buying neon extension cords because they offer a bright burst of color to the area where the extension cord is being used. But there are other advantages that these cords have to offer as well.

For example, some of the neon extension cords have lights on either end. Amber LEDs are active power transmission indicators, which show that electricity is flowing through the cord. Green LEDs monitor ground continuity and alert the operator if it is sketchy or lost altogether.

Identifying Your Cord

When multiple people are working in the same area, it can be easy to mix up the extension cords. You can prevent people from accidentally walking away with your cord by using a unique color like purple or pink. You can also add custom print to your cords.  This will allow you to easily identify which cord is yours.

Triple Tap Extension Cords

If you are working outside or at a job site, then you probably need a longer extension cord such as a 25, 50 or 100 ft extension cord. The length of these cords allows you to source your power to all of the areas of the work site.

A triple plug extension cord allows 3 power plugs to be plugged in at the same time. 

Tip: Check the rating of the cord to make sure that it can handle all of the power that will be required for the tools that are being used.

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