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Working and appears brand new. No issues.

Good product

A good product from an American company. The best quality.

DYI Plug ends

Please do a male end in the same form as the female end.

Brian Miller

Great quality! The cord every band should have in their arsenal.

Bad Ass MECH Gloves
Joseph Madden
Great gloves

Really good fit and comfortable

The Dewalt click-to-lock cords are worth every penny!

Great cord at a great price. I will be back

Quality cord !

I purchased 2 12 gauge 100 foot extension cords with custom printing. They appear to be cords that will take abuse. The best part they arrived in a round coil not in a cardboard sleeve. This allows for perfect coiling without issues.

Dewalt 50ft

It works. Will buy again if needed.

Ease of use and quality of product.

Very impressed with the quality!

My only regret is not finding these cords years ago! I was impressed with how strongly the Click-to-Lock socket held, but even more so with the flexibility of the cords. I will definitely buy again!

Great Cord!

I love my BadAssExtension Cords. They are super bright colors, have my name on them, and are easy to roll up. No kinking - they just roll right up. I appreciate having multiple lengths and the choice of colors. work great.

Good solid cords. Just what I needed.

Just as the name implies

These are indeed BADASS. I put my name on them so that nobody can steal this BADASS power cords !

These absolutely live up to their namesake. Fantastic!

These cords live up to their namesake. Absolutely awesome!

Great product

Great quality. Shipping process took awhile though. Reason for 4 star


Quality is amazing our name on the cord amazing we have used it in rain and shine name still as bright as it was when we bought it amazing product

Quality and serious company.
Greet services.

Red, White, and Blue Lighted Freedom Cord

Great salute to my Brothers and Sisters.

Great quality products. Very low amperage draw. Keeps up to all my projects' needs. Quick delivery.