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These are the best cord on earth

Nice board but….

I had put on my order to have my cord printed on ,and when I received it there was no print

Chris, I'm sorry the website did not capture your text (we're in the process of overhauling some systems).

Regardless, we'll get this resolved for you. If you could either a) reply to this comment or b) send an email to with the custom text you would like – we'll get a replacement out to you asap.

Thank you. Very Pleased

Works great

Works like it’s supposed to. Cord locks in so it doesn’t pull loose when moving the cord around the jobsite.

BAD ****

I killed a centipede with the extension cord then plugged in my tv.😩

They are badass

One thing I love is they are an exact replacement for the cord. It's a high quality fairly expensive cord my wife hit it with the lawn mower and I was hating to put one of the ugly big clunky ends on it. This was the perfect solution.


Good communication

Excellent product

Love it very much, came pretty fast and nothing short of great quality. Will be ordering again soon

Great cord.
Made with excellent materials.
Love the plugs on both ends.
Fast Delivery.
5 Stars

Good cord

Printed company name on first. Cord is very good quality. Purchasing more for each company truck.

Great cord

Got the 25 ft click to lock cord, works perfectly, exactly what i needed and was looking for. Extremely satisfied with purchase

4" extension cords

Very hard to find an extension cord with outlets every 4 feet. This is perfect for our application. Able to power very pallet space.

Worth every penny

Bought 3 cords (100’, 50’ and 25’) I had my business name printed on them and couldn’t be happier. Extremely high quality and heavy duty.

Very Satisfied

Purchased a 50’ 10g to run my 120V Mig Welder off of my generator. Works flawlessly! Will most likely purchase another just to have on hand as the quality is superb! Highly recommend

DeWalt + Badass = Awesome

DeWalt is the best out there, so it's no surprise Badass is now carrying them. It's by far the best extension cord I've ever owned. I recently found a locking cord at the Big Orange Store 🤢, and I got hooked on the locking feature. What makes the DeWalt cord so cool is that it locks, and it lights up at both ends. It doesn't just light up at the female end like all the other ones so you only know if its hot after you walk all the way to the opposite end from where you plugged in at. It lights up on BOTH ends, so you know if the outlet is hot the second you plug it in. Like I said...... AWESOME. Considering that, the price, the name, and therefore the warranty, give me one reason why you'd buy anything else (in this ga.). HA!!! YOU CAN'T!!!

Click-to-Lock Lighted Extension Cord

Worth ordering

Cords are well worth it.

1 Ott Battery Booster Cable
Russell Zimmerman
Very nice cables

Very good connecters

Power of the cord

Love the way this powercord is made,it’s one toughest powercords I’ve ever held and used

So far so good

Good length, nice for travel needs

Great product.

I've been using BA's extension cords for over 10 years and they are the absolute best.


Great Product

Awesome , best thing i ever did for back yard

Great cord

I love this cord. Exactly what I wanted. I had the option of length I wanted as well as the non-lighted end. Also had my name printed on the cord so it doesn't get lost at somebodys house ..

Text was a little smeared

Hi Otto,

Thank you for letting us know. Your satisfaction is our top priority, so we'll go ahead and get a replacement cord out to you. We'll send the same thing, unless you tell us you want something different in the next day or two.

Typically, once the ink cures it's durable and won't smear. However, if we have an unusually humid day that can affect those dry times. We're sorry for the inconvenience.